Kuk Sool Won of Ramstein
Kuk Sool


Weapons training plays a vital role in all comprehensive ancient martial arts. There are 24 different traditional weapons in Kuk Sool. Our training includes gum (sword), joong bong (middle staff) and dan bong (short staff).

SwordSword Practice

Modern Kuk Sool sword techniques are unchanged from Korea's fighting past at a time when great swordsmen were honored and respected. Kuk Sool sword techniques are divided into straight sword and inverted sword techniques. Straight sword techniques consist of linear actions made with the cutting edge facing downward. Inverted sword techniques consist of defensive actions with the cutting edge facing upward. Inverted techniques are inspired by close range fighting conditions. These straight and inverted techniques are combined into a form that provides practical sword training.

Middle Staff

Staff PracticeThe joong bong is the most commonly used Kuk Sool staff. Bong workouts consist of double-ended and circular techniques. First, the student stands stationary while moving the bong in spinning patterns. These techniques increase strength and flexibility in the wrists. There are 15 different spinning techniques to master. Next, both the student and the bong move with the spinning pattern remaining the same. Bong control techniques are serious offensive and defensive techniques. The constant spinning action provides continuous upward, downward and horizontal strikes.

Short StaffShort Staff Practice

Dan bongs may look modest, but the technique in which they are used makes them advanced weapons. Dan bongs are grasped firmly in the center using light finger control for extra speed and power. The techniques are all short distance whip-like movements that employ finger, wrist, elbow and shoulder action. The strikes get their power from the speed of loose and relaxed movements that focus on pressure point targets.

Weapons Etiquette