Kuk Sool Won of Ramstein
Kuk Sool

Belt Testing

Belt testing is scheduled based on student eligibility. The testing fee is $35 and should be paid prior to the testing day. Normal testing cycles run between three to six months for each belt promotion up to brown belt.

Your testing cycle depends on your class attendance as well as practice outside of class. Students should participate in a minimum of 25 classes between belt tests in order to receive adequate training and to fully understand all of the required techniques and forms. Testing requirements for each belt are listed in the table below.

All students can participate even though they may not be testing. This gives them the chance to practice testing, plus it gives the instructor more opportunities to see them demonstrate their skills.

Promotions are held the week after testing. Friends and family are always invited to attend tests and promotions.

Rank Techniques Forms
Noh Rahng Di
(Yellow Belt)
Sohn Ppae Ki (5)
Ki Bohn Soo (15)
Ki Cho Hyung
Chuhng Di
(Blue Belt)
Sohn Mohk Soo (11) Cho Geup Hyung
Hong Di
(Red Belt)
Eue Bohk Soo (13) Joong Geup Hyung
Ja Di
(Brown Belt)
Ahn Sohn Mohk Soo (6)
Maek Chi Ki (15)
Goh Geup Hyung
Dahn Bo
(Brown Black Belt)
Maek Cha Ki (15)
Joo Muhk Maga Ki Bohn Soo (15)
Dae Geup Hyung
Jo Kyo Nim
(1st degree Black Belt)
Joong Geup Sohn Mohk Soo (7)
Ahp Eue Bohk Soo (20)
Dee Eui Bohk Soo (23)
Kwan Juhl Ki (13)
Too Ki (13)
Mohk Joh Leu Ki (5)
Bahng Too Ki (10)
Yahng Sohn Mohk Soo (15)
Ssahng Soo (15)
Dahn Doh Mahk Ki (15)
Guhm Moo Hyung
Sword Techs (5)
Bohng Dol-liki (15)