Kuk Sool Won of Ramstein
Kuk Sool

Practice Hall (Doh Jahng) Etiquette

An essential part of learning any martial art is learning etiquette. The behavior of a martial artist is motivated by respect. As you learn Kuk Sool Won, you will develop an appreciation for the truth and beauty of the art as well as respect for the instructors who impart their knowledge upon you. You will also develop respect for your classmates as you learn and progress together.

BowingClass Bowing

Bowing is taken from the Korean culture and is a sign of respect. Each classroom practice will begin and end with a bow, multiple bows. These bows are done from a kneeling position. The first bow is to the the national flag, the American flag. The second bow is to the World Kuk Sool Won Association flag. The third bow is to the Grandmaster, Kuk sa Nim. The fourth bow is to the instructor followed by a bow to any black belt classroom instructors or students. The final bow begins or ends the classroom practice session. Remember to bow anytime the instructor tells you to. The proper way to bow is by bending forward from the waist slightly, about 45 degrees. Your eyes should be lowered but you should still be able to see all of the people to whom you are bowing. If you are in uniform, hold your belt at the knot. If you are in street clothes, keep your arms at your sides.

Responsibilities of Rank