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When is it? What's Happening? Where is it?
20 Feb USAFE Kid's Tournament (age 3-6) Ramstein AB
27 Feb USAFE Kid's Tournament (age 7-18) Ramstein AB
5 and 6 March Belt testing Ramstein AB
20 March Master Alex Seminar Ramstein AB
3 and 4 June European Kuk Sool Championships Norwich, UK

Worms Special Seminar Training

Training was led by Master Sung Jin, 9th Dan, 1st son of Grandmaster. Also, Master Nick Reeves and Master Richard Jones of the UK.




Edinburgh KSW Tournament

We had a good variety of students who represented the Ramstein KSW school. One of our very own, Nathan Shuttleworth, received his 1st dan promotion from the Grandmaster himself!



Master Alex Seminar

Everyone had a great time with Master Alex! We learned the 18-movement DanBongHyung and were able to move onto dan bong defense and special joung bong drills!

Master Alex Seminar

USAFE Martial Arts Tournament

Congratulations to all of the USAFE tournament competitors and volunteers. We hope to see you all in Scotland and England. Check out the Photo Gallery for more shots from the tournament.

USAFE Tournament

KSW of Ramstein December promotions

KSW Promotions

Congratulations Chris and Joey!

If you didn't know, after testing in Worms this past December, Master Kwon promoted Chris and Joey DeGrella to 1st dan blackbelt!! It was unexpected, but he IS the highest ranking master in Europe! Official Promotion ceremony happening soon!

Chris and Joey